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manda started this conversation
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First fill out a FAFSA form (you can do it online for free at Also call the school you are going to because there are usually a lot of grants/loans that are available but not widely advertised. I like in KY where there is a nursing shortage, and there are several programs. I get federal aid, student loans (which are forgiven through the student loan people for nursing students). There are also grants available through the state for people willing to go through occupational counseling. Many major hospitals also offer grants if you sign a contract to work with them when you graduate. :) Erin

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Cheri K

want to read somthing I bet most people will think is funny and I hope don't think I am being dirspectfull becuse it is true. I almost went to clown collage. I love to make people happy and kids are so mutch fun I even have the right voice for it. But collage is really expicive and hard. It is still a fun dream of mine mabye some day when I'm older yeah not long now I am 25. Past the age of school and all that.

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